4.52am Issue: 059 The Pyramid Park Issue

This week’s 4.52am Features:

  • An interview with the brilliant Pyramid Park
  • The Awesome John Stamp
  • The Cool Indigo Sixteen
  • The Uber Lee Ranaldo
  • Learn to Play Pink Floyd and Suede
  • La Contessa Introducing:
    – Amen Corner
    – Robert Palmer
    – Billy Idol
    – Beth Orton
    – Doves
    – Lana Del Rey


4.52am: Issue 058 The Sweet Gum Tree Issue

This week we have:

  • An interview with Sweet Gum Tree
  • Guitar Lessons for Queen and the Kinks
  • Cabbage
  • Rain
  • Serenade The Stars
  • The Lovely Eggs, and
  • La Contessa Introduces
    – The Beatles
    – 10cc
    – Secret Affair
    – Space
    – McFly, and
    – Petite Meller

4.52am Issue: 056 The Daughter Issue

This week’s 4.52am, with:

  • Daughter
  • Guitar Lessons for Clapton and Cream
  • A New Song from Morrissey
  • The Brilliant Lee Ranaldo
  • The Fantastic julia Jacklin
  • The Awesome Bing & Ruth
  • The Genius Sweet Gum Tree and
  • Hip-popping Dance from Caesaria…

and then La Contessa gets in on the act.

4.52am: Issue: 055 The Das Fluff Issue

4.52am Issue: 055 The Das Fluff Issue is NOW AVAILABLE

This week we have some great music and guitars, with:

  • An Excellent Interview with Das Fluff
  • Learn to Play Love’s ‘Alone Again, or’ and Tom Petty’s ‘Freefallin’
  • Penny Rimbaud Celebrates the Wilfred Owen Centenary
  • Eastwood Announce their take on the classic Kawai Moonsault
  • Pyramid Park are many kinds of awesome
  • The Plan are something Truly Special

And then La Contessa brings another selection from the last few decades…